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U-Prox Alarm Expert

U-Prox Alarm

The wireless alarm system U-Prox is the most current development alarm and one of the best products in the Australia security systems market. This is the solution for reliable protection of home and business with wide functionality, convenient management and stylish design.

The system can easily fit into any interior. Because it comes in 3 different colours, Brown, Black, and White. U-Prox Alarm builds differently because U-Prox make the product to be easily used by the customers and it has many benefits.

What are the benefits of using a U-Prox Alarm?

  • Easy installation without disturbing the interior
  • 10- 15 minutes the alarm is ready to be used
  • Smartphone control
  • Smartphone or tablet setup
  • Arm “Stay”
  • Remote control and configuration via Web portal
  • Wireless detectors 868.0 ... 868.6 MHz, channel redundancy, distance - up to 4800m
  • 30 partitions (security groups)
  • Built-in LiIon battery, up to 25 hours of operation without main power
  • Work with any ContactID-compatible security software
  • Easy devices registration on turning on
  • Encrypted communication
  • Unique technical solutions for users' convenience

U-Prox offers some Solutions :

  1. For Apartment
  2. For House
  3. For Office

  • For Apartment

Who needs U-Prox Alarm System for an apartment in Sydney?

Install an Alarm System for an apartment ;

  • If you have valuable property, jewellery and money.
  • If there are tenants in the apartment.
  • If there is less protection from intruders
  • If there are some crimes in your area
  • If there is any possibility against intruders who enter your apartment through the windows

What is needed for an Alarm System in your Apartment?

Benefits of U-Prox Apartment kits

  • Easy to install and add devices
  • It has stable signal and noise immunity
  • The transmission range up to 4800 m
  • Excellent value for functions and money
  • Modern design
  • Easily fit into any interior

  • For House

Who needs U-Prox Alarm System for a house?

  • If the house is located in a secluded place and under some conditions the neighbours will not notice intruders
  • It is needed whenever you go for vacations, empty for several days, weeks or months.
  • If there is no reliable fencing around the perimeter.
  • If there is no security in your area or there is no dog in your house.

What is needed for an Alarm System in your house?

Benefits of U-Prox Home kits

  • Up to 8 partitions, can be divided into several zones with different alarm settings.
  • There is alarm mode Arm “Stay”. You can choose whether arm on the first or second floor and it will work only from the floor you choose.
  • There is a panic button on the key fob. Whenever someone enters your house, you can press the panic button and the alarm will work
  • Batteries up to 5 years of operation.

  • For Office

Who needs U-Prox Alarm System for an office?

If the office is located in the centre or high floor, security guards usually stand at the entrance of the building. But it can be fixed by using physical security such as a security alarm to activate at night or even day.


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