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Hikvision Alarm provides intruder alarm solutions that incorporate in-depth client knowledge with cutting-edge technology. Hikvision offers high-quality intruder products for a variety of market categories and various applications.

Hikvision Alarm and Why You Should Consider Switching to It

Hikvision is one of the leading companies in security products such as alarms, CCTVs, and NVRs. They are built to last and withstand the harsh climate of Australia. Hikvision Alarm provides intruder alarm solutions that incorporate in-depth client knowledge with cutting-edge technology. Hikvision offers high-quality intruder products for a variety of market categories and various applications. Residential and SOHO (small office/home office) solutions, as well as business, healthcare, seaports, airports, and critical infrastructure applications, are all included.

Why you should use Hikvison Alarm

  • Comprehensive security using cutting-edge technology

Hikvision offers comprehensive security systems that protect your business automatically and effectively 24/7

  • System and process integration to increase efficiency

Hikvision devices and systems can operate together to boost security and capabilities, and they can function or integrate seamlessly into your business operations.

Over the years, you may have installed alarm equipment from several providers. They undoubtedly operate OK on their own, but they are controlled individually and do not form part of a larger system. So, have a look at Hikvision's AX PRO and AX Hybrid PRO alarm systems, which combine all of the components for simple-yet-powerful operation.

Hikvision alarm systems include a wide selection of highly dependable, integrated indoor and outdoor detectors for invasions, fires, as well as water and gas leaks, with wired and wireless installation options and the ability to connect with other Hikvision devices.

Here's an example of how connecting security cameras and detectors might benefit you: when an alarm is triggered by a detector, you'll also receive a 7-second video clip from the scene by email or mobile app, allowing you to verify the alert for a more accurate and informed reaction.

  • Checking in on your business anytime, from anywhere

Hikvision provides complete security systems that secure your business automatically and efficiently 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Two Types of Hikvision Alarm

There are two types of Hikvision alarm:

1.Wired Alarm System

Hikvision Wired Security Control Panels offer outstanding security in a wide range of circumstances, from retail to industrial.

There are two control panels in the range: the conventional RS485 version and an M-BUS variant with a greatly enhanced range for bigger installations. This option enables the range to accommodate practically every incursion application, with scalable installation using expanders and repeaters for maximum versatility.

These control panels, which have integration at their heart, integrate smoothly with the full Hikvision line of video and intrusion devices, including an extensive portfolio of wired sensors and detectors. This integration is accomplished through the use of iVMS software, which offers a suitable platform for various system management and configuration.


2. Wireless Alarm System

This sophisticated technology synergy is supplied in a tiny, compact, and discrete panel that provides multi-configuration techniques, full control and setup through Hik-Connect smart device application and iVMS, as well as video verification via revolutionary Intruder Verification as a Service (IVaaS).

Whereas other video verification techniques on the market rely on sending low-quality static imagery to validate events, IVaaS links previously separate video and intruder systems to one platform, displaying a seven-second clip in the event of an alarm; a five-second pre-alarm clip; and a two-second post-alarm clip to the operator.

The system includes the AX and AX PRO series. The new AX PRO series can accommodate up to 210 peripherals, including internal and external detectors, contacts, keyfobs, and life safety sensors. For total confidence and peace of mind, the broad wireless line of intrusion devices features award-winning, proven, and patented intrusion technologies, as well as straightforward installation through signal strength indications and a one-push-to-connect function.

Common Applications of Hikvision Alarm

  • For workplace security

You can create workflows for different event types, time schedules, and triggered actions across Hikvision alarm systems. The better these workflows fit into your business needs and processes, the higher the efficiency you'll achieve.

  • For residental security

You can link your CCTV and alarm systems together, for example. In the event of an intrusion or fire alarm, you'll also receive a camera-captured video clip via email or app for double-checking. This further increases the overall performance of your security deployment.


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