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Aiphone Video Intercom - LEF Series

Hands-free Selective Call Intercom

Why Choose Aiphone's LEF Series Intercoms?

  • Audio Only Intercom

The foundation of the Aiphone range, this audio-only, selective-calling, open-voice intercom system can handle up to 11 stations in total. This rudimentary, legacy system may be configured to satisfy a broad range of applications for basic communication to door stations, basic communication between inside master stations, and basic communication to activate a door release unit.

  • Reliable

Aiphone have won the Deming Prize twice - for quality management and manufacturing processes. Their ISO certification process and rigorous standards result in the most reliable products in the industry. Aiphone products are known for their long-lasting performance, as they are replaced only when the application needs more resources than the system can provide.


  • Intermixable system with any number of master and sub-stations to maximum capacity (11 units).
  • monitoring and phoning with discretion.
  • Master push-to-talk; called station hands-free response.
  • Selective door release is possible (with RY-PA for each door).
  • Every Call using LEF-10S and every Master LEF-C (requires BG-10C).

Aiphone LEF Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Master Station
  1.  LEF-10
  2. LEF-3
  3. LEF-5
  4. LE-A
  • Door Station
  1. LE-DA
  • Door Release
  1. RY-PA
  • Surface Mount Box
  1. SBX-2G/A

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