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Aiphone Video Intercom - JO Series

A video doorbell with a mobile app for home and small-business owners on the go.

Why Choose Aiphone's JO Series intercoms?

  • enhanced speed and performance
  1. a stronger WiFi connection
  2. Even with a slow internet connection, audio can still be sent.
  3. Aiphone is proud to have twice received the distinguished Deming Prize for quality control and manufacturing practices, which is remarkable. Some of the most trustworthy commodities on the market are manufactured utilizing an ISO Certified procedure that follows to stringent requirements. Aiphone devices are built to last for years and are only upgraded when an application outgrows the system's capability.
  4. Aiphone intercoms are intended to survive and resist Australia's severe environment. in Sydney, for instance

  • It combines the best of both worlds.

Combine the reliability of a hard-wired master station with the ease of a mobile app to reach out to more consumers. For busy home and business owners, the JO Series Video Doorbell with Mobile App Functionality is the best option.

Whether it's a delivery person or an unexpected guest, your clients can choose to utilize the hard-wired master station on-site or remotely through a mobile app to watch and speak with their visitors as well as unlock the door. The indoor master station makes sure that calls from the door station won't be missed, even when the internet is slow or unavailable. If the mobile app is not required, a standard indoor master station without mobile app capability is also offered.

The JO Series is a one-time purchase that comes with no ongoing fees or subscriptions.

Benefits of Aiphone JO Series Video Intercom

  • convenience.
  1. Freedom of choice. Purchase only what you require, when you need it - the system scales at your speed.
  2. After hours, visitors can contact security by using stations strategically placed throughout the facility.
  3. You can easily meet your budget by selecting from a variety of station kinds and features.

  • Communication
  1. With integrated security layers and a mobile app, your security personnel will be more effective.
  2. Customers could use self-service kiosks with master stations to serve as virtual front offices.
  3. Call other establishments, institutions, or workplaces all across the world.
  4. Integration with PBX, VMS, and security software

  • Controlled access
  1. Staff can enter authorized places easier simply by using stations with built-in card readers.
  2. Controlled access at key entry points offers an extra degree of security.
  3. Electronic locks operate in a "fail-safe, fail-secure" mode, which means that they remain locked to the outside even when the power is turned out.
  4. T-coils, touchless call sensors, and call boxes can be added to expand coverage, control, and utility for both staff and visitors.

Aiphone JO Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Video Door Station
  1. JO-DV
  2. JO-DVF
  • Video Intercom Set
  1. JOS-1V
  2. JOS-1F
  3. JOS-1A
  4. JOS-1FW
  5. JOS-1AW
  6. JOS-1VW
  • Access Control Keypad
  1. AC-10S
  • Accessories
  1. SBX-DVF
  2. SBX-DV30


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