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Aiphone Video Intercom - GT Series

Versatile Multi-Tenant Security Video Intercom

Why Choose Aiphone's GT Series Intercoms?

  • Multi-tenant Video Entry

Visitors can be promptly and readily identified by tenants or security personnel before being allowed admission into a property. It's simple to fulfill the security requirements of the building and the budget thanks to a range of stylish and modern entry, tenant, and guard stations. Property managers can use NFC technology or a VPN to log in remotely to the system to update the directory when tenants move out.

  • Reliable

Aiphone takes great pride in being one of the very few organizations that have won the coveted Deming Prize for quality control and manufacturing procedures twice. Some of the most dependable items in the market are produced by their ISO Certified method and strict standards. Products from Apple often survive for years; they are only changed when an application requires more power than the system can provide.

Aiphone intercoms are made to withstand and endure the harsh environment of Australia. Sydney, for example


  • Tenant directory changes may be done quickly and easily on-site using an NFC-enabled smartphone or remotely over the same network.
  • To satisfy the requirements of most applications, audio and video stations can be blended together.
  • A computerized directory or individual buttons to call renters are available on entrance stations.
  • Calls may be received and sent to tenants by video guard stations, who can then screen guests for an extra measure of protection.
  • Customization options and combinations are available for modular entry stations.
  • The built-in PTZ camera in video entry stations can capture a 170° viewing area.
  • A basic system can contain up to five entry stations, two video guard stations, and forty-eight tenant stations.
  • A larger system may include up to 16 entry stations, 4 video guard stations, and 500 tenant stations.
  • A system at the enterprise level can include up to 480 entry stations, 96 video guard stations, and 5,000 tenant stations.
  • Multiple sites can link across multiple buildings using the same network, allowing huge campuses and multi-building communities to centralize security.
  • Software-based programming enables rapid and simple system maintenance.

Aiphone GT Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Camera Module
  1.  GT-VB
  • Display Module
  1. GT-NSB
  • Video Tenant Station
  1. GT-1C7
  2. GT-1M3
  • Video Security Guard Station
  1. GT-MKB-N
  • Video Entrance Station
  1. GT-DMB-N
  • Audio Voice Tenant Station
  1. GT-1A
  • Accessories
  1. GT-102HB
  2. GT-103H
  3. GT-103HB
  4. GT-104H
  5. GT-10K
  6. GF-10KP
  7. GF-1P


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